There's a list below of ten or more jobs but essentially we can manage
with three - on air host/interviewer, audio mixer and social media reporter.

Typically we find the best approach is for volunteers to sign for
preferred roles on the schedule.

Don't forget to show up : )

Support roles in a participatory community media environment:

1. On air host

Can be one or two people or a group - updates information, interviews, introduces music and pre-recorded audio

2. Greeter

Welcomes people to the participatory environment, offers coffee/tea, talks to people about to be interviewed/on panels, answers questions, liaisons with the conference.

3. Audio mixer/microphones

Operates audio mixer, checks levels, sets up microphones for panels/interviews, distributes and explains portable recording units for roving reporters.

4. Audio librarian/player/archivist

Receives pre-recorded material for computer storage, supports playing pre-recorded material from CD player, computers, flash recorders, iPods, IPads, continuously catalogues archival recording of the event.

5. Photographer/Flickr

Takes photos of the event, resizes with Photoshop and regularly uploads to Flickr, archives photos on DVD.

6. Videographer

Takes video and rough camera edits for YouTube, operates video and audio for Interactive Rooms.

6. Skype/telephone

Co-ordinates and monitors Skype/telephone calls (possibility of telephone remotes using cell phone and audio mixer.)

7. Twitter

Tweets from interviews and presentations (possibility of audio tweets) - ensures that all Tweets are read on air.

8. Facebook

Posts to Facebook but also ensures others' posts are read on air.

9. Roving reporters

Roving reporters can take photos, video, tweet, interview live with wireless mics or record. A roving reporter would be required for each concurrent session to be recorded.

(Note: Minimal training should be provided for volunteers - but also popular education methodology - each volunteer is expected to help out the next person in the same role.)

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