Peter writes:

Since getting AI wellbeing sensor feedback from LS management and staff, and others, and with input from Palani and Phil Volkofsky,
I have developed an OST-based transformation offering focusing on how to effectively adopt AI. A key step in this offering is to become AI ready.

I'm now pleased to announce that National Disability Services ( has offered to promote our 'AI readiness' program to its members. The attached flyer describes a briefing we designed for disability care provider execs and boards. It outlines how to better manage the adoption
of AI by becoming an 'AI ready' organisation. It also highlights the strategic importance of planning to adopt AI now.

Link to Flyer.

The first item on the World Economic Forum's 'The Agenda Weekly' is 4IR. See 'The 4IR is redefining the economy' for details. Copy/Paste URL.